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“The SAT Guy” Neil Chyten Talks About the New SAT and the Common Core

By Xinming Li,

Newton, Mass., June 10, 2015, — If you are in the same business for over 30 years, you probably think there is not much new material to be excited about. This is certainly not the case for Mr. Neil Chyten, who founded Chyten Educational Services in 1984. Author of many SAT/ACT books, Neil Chyten is well known in the test prep business as “the SAT guy” who often stays up well past midnight to write these books.
Neil Chyten (right) and students of Chyten Educational Services (photo by Xinming Li).
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University of Utah MBA Grad Starts Just Play Cleats

Salt Lake City, June 6, 2014, — As 2014 World Cup is just seven days away, soccer is in focus by tens of millions of players and fans around the world.

Cam Cameron grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan as the youngest of seven children and fell in love with soccer from an early age. He understood early on that soccer can be an expensive sport for any family. Many players have experienced friends, family, and teammates who have been unable to continue to play due to cost prevention. He had a goal to play college soccer and nearly had this goal wiped away after suffering a broken leg in both his sophomore and junior seasons of high school. These are important years in college recruiting and after a standpoint senior season, Cam was recruited by Michigan and earned a scholarship while playing.
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Chen Xuemei: Female Students of Life Sciences Need More Encouragement

Beijing, China, May 22, 2014 (from — There are ten Chinese scientists who have been elected Member of National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of the United States with higher education background in Mainland China, according to preliminary estimates in 2014. Only three of these ten are women. Professor Chen Xuemei, an outstanding Peking University alumna, is one of them.

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Kayla Harrison — How An Olympic Champion Is Busy Changing the World

By Tong Chen,

Boston, May 15, 2014, —- My first ever handshake with an Olympic Champion came after 30-minute car ride from Boston to Stoneham. Kayla Harrison was practicing judo with her coach Jimmy Pedro at the dojo. She easily carried Pedro on the back and threw him down like handling a little boy rather than a grown man.

Harrison greeted me with a firm handshake and sat down for our scheduled interview. As the first American who won the Olympic Judo gold medal, and also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Harrison had a lot of stories to tell. Training for another Olympic gold, writing a book, launching a national nonprofit and an acting career, Harrison kept herself busy. Her fighting spirit made her an Olympic champion, and is making the world a better place for all of us.
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Key to Solving Marathon Bombings, Chinese Immigrant Danny Featured on CBS Evening News

By David Li,

Cambridge, Mass., April 19, 2013, — In a recent interview on CBS evening news, 26-year-old Chinese immigrant Danny told his ordeal a year ago when his car was hijacked by Tsarnaev brothers at gun point on April 18, 2013. The gun was likely to be taken from MIT police officer Sean Collier when they allegedly killed officer Collier earlier on that day.
Danny talks during CBS interview (from
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Empow Studios Empower Kids for Technology Economy of Tomorrow

By David Li,

Lexington, Mass., Jan. 23, 2013, — I started to do some research on local technology classes for kids when my 5-year-old son told me that he wanted to become a robot builder a few weeks ago. A friend of mine mentioned Empow Studios to me. I made a visit to Empow Studios in downtown Lexington a couple days ago, and had a brief interview with its founder Mr. Leonid Tunik.
Leonid Tunik at Empow’s Lexington studio (photo by David Li).
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Presidential Innovation Fellow Jason Shen Publishes Book on Winning

By David Li,

Boston, Nov. 25, 2013, — Winning NCAA championship as a member of Stanford’s gymnastic team, running a start-up high-tech company, and being selected as Presidential Innovation Fellow, Newton, Mass. native Jason Shen knows well about winning. He recently added another distinction to his resume: author of an e-book that made to bestseller list.
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Twelve Years after 9-11, Memories Linger

By Luyuan Zhang,

New York City, September 12, 2013, — “It was almost unbelievable. We had a view, but because we were too far, there was no sound.” Christina Aguilar, a New Yorker who has been working in Manhattan since 1989, said, “So it was almost that you could not believe what you were looking at, because it was sunny. The weather was nice.”
Flowers were laid for a NYC firefighter who died 12 years ago. (Photo by Luyuan Zhang)
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Nanjing — The City Where June Chang’s Entrepreneurial Dream Comes True

By David Li, translated by Shuzhi Zhang

Recently, I had an interview with Dr. June Chang at her home in Acton, Mass. just before she was leaving for Nanjing, China. Ms. Chang founded an online event management website three years ago in Nanjing. Before that, Ms. Chang founded Hyzing LLC in 2009, and now has about a dozen developers in its Nanjing office.
Ms. Chang shows in her home office in Acton.
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Arthur Wong Receives Second Bronze Star

By David Li,

Boston, August 2, 2013, — Arthur Wong was among the first groups of American soldiers who landed on Normandy Beach on June 6, 1944, and was later seriously injured in November 1944 when the Allied Forces advanced into Germany. Sixty-five years after he returned from WWII battlegrounds, Arthur Wong finally received nine U.S. military medals, including Purple Heart, Bronze Star, with the help from Senator John Kerry in 2010.
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Glory or Tragedy: What Did the 2011 Egyptian Revolution Bring?

By Na Ma, Indiana University

(Hundreds of thousands protesters took on the streets across Egypt on Sunday, June 30, to demand outing of President Morsi. In this indepth interview, Ghazzal Ali, a participant of the revolution that ousted then President Mubarak two years ago and now a student at Indiana University, reflected on his journey.)

“Every single moment in the revolution is unforgettable. My parents are proud of me, because I have added great chapter to the Egyptian history.”
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Q & A with Andrew Conning on China Education Policy

By China Education Symposium

Andrew Conning is a doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Graduate Student Associate of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies. His research examines the structures of reasoning with which individuals across cultures make sense of international and interethnic issues. He is spending 2012-13 conducting research in China as a Fulbright scholar and Harvard Traveling Fellow.
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Pianist George Li of Lexington on His Admissions to Harvard, Yale and Other Top Schools

By David Li,

George Li, sitting in front of the piano at his home in Lexington, Mass, smiled at my camera. With three acceptance letters from Harvard, Yale and Juilliard next to each other on the piano, who wouldn’t smile. Less than two years ago, George Li worried about passing through all the security check points to perform at a State Dinner in the White House for President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now, he must decide which top school he will attend this Fall by May 1.
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After A Little Night Dancing, Commonwealth Ballet To Present Intrigue on March 16-17

By David Li,

When Chip Morris graduated from University of Wisconsin at Madison with a Pd.D. in mathematics, he might not have imagined that running a youth ballet school would be in his future. “I came to Boston in 1985. I taught math and computer science during weekdays and danced in a theater in Cambridge,” Mr. Morris, artistic director of Commonwealth Ballet, told me during an interview on March 2 at Acton School of Ballet. Students were busy preparing their dance routines for A Little Night Dancing on that evening.
Picture from A Little Night Dancing at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School (ABRHS) by Mike Nyman Photography.
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Gansu Dance Theatre Brings Splendid Silk Road to the Hanover Theatre

By David Li,, photos by John Tsou

Worcester, Mass., March, 8, 2013, — In the evening of March 6, 60 dancers from Gansu Dance Theatre of Gansu province, China presented the award-winning Silk Road dance show at Hanover Theatre in Worcester, Mass. Tens of thousands miles away from home, the dancers performed with such passion and devotion that brought alive the rich and ancient cultures along the Silk Road during Tang Dynasty to the audience.
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